I stand enchanted by the greatness
Of you, Mount Tamalpais,
Gone are my worries, fears and sadness,
When upon you I feast my eyes.

Patches of clouds, like silvery threads are spun,
Detach themselves, from wind are blown,
And through the last rays of the sun
Advancing fast to the unknown.

And then you join me, where I stand,
Ever so quietly taking my hand.
From afar we hear the evening bells,
And feel Tamalpa's spirit within ourselves.

               -- Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff

Published in the Marin Independent Journal
on October 10, 1970 under the author's
maiden name, Tania Otzoup.


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© 2003 by Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff
Published June 19, 2003 by Gilda Tabarez.
All rights reserved.


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