In the darkened and smoke filled taverna
the eerie light and the musical sound
make it seem like Dante's inferno
as dark shadows glide over the ground.

Glassy eyed people blankly staring
without thoughts at the strange looking room,
the same strange feeling they seem to be sharing, 
and all seems to be covered with gloom.

Their sweaty bodies wildy are swaying
to the sound of the noisy rock band, 
their lips moving, yet nothing are saying, 
as they dancing holding each other's hand.

Is there just a flicker of hope
as their minds through this sad darkness grope?
Is there something in there they can find?
Will they ever achieve peace of mind?

             -- Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff

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© 2003 by Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff
Published June 19, 2003 by Gilda Tabarez.
All rights reserved.

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