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Welcome! My name is Gilda Tabarez. I am an avid fan of silent films. I have been watching silent films since I was a small child. My father used to take me to silent film revivals at the now- defunct Avenue Theatre here in San Francisco during the late sixties through to the early eighties. There I enjoyed a great many silent films accompanied by the magnificent Wurlitzer pipe organ. That wonderful theatre is now closed, probably forever, but I will never forget the beauty and magic of the silents which I experienced there. The purpose of this Web site is to share with you some articles and links about silent films, in the hope that you will come to appreciate silent cinema as I do. 

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Favorite silent film book:
Silent Films, 1877-1996 : A Critical Guide to 646 Movies  by Robert K. Klepper


Favorite theater organ and organist:
Alex Santos (1918-2011) at the Wurlitzer pipe organ, San Francisco.

Alex Santos at the
                      Avenue Theatre, San Francisco.

Silent films were never intended to be silent.  They were almost always
accompanied by music, usually performed on a piano, organ or by an
orchestra.  The Wurlitzer pipe organ provided the most popular accompaniment during the heyday of the great silent movie theaters.



In Memoriam
This site is dedicated to the memory of
Robert K. Klepper 

 a remarkable man and a gifted writer . He was a champion
of silent film preservation and presentation. 
I will always
be very grateful for his kindness
and for the several articles
he graciously contributed to this website.
He is sorely missed.


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