Alexandra Sorina



MAMA with piercing blue eyes and golden hair crowning her head like a halo.
MAMA taking care of her many siblings.
MAMA playing the piano, composing songs and poems.
MAMA  shedding bitter tears, being shipped off to St. Petersburg to study medicine, when all she ever wanted was to be a concert pianist.
MAMA returning with a degree specializing in dentistry.
MAMA  holding a document ordering her to Crimea amidst the outbreak of the revolution.
MAMA fleeing Russia with the whole family to her mother's native Poland.
MAMA practicing dentistry, attending drama lessons.
MAMA being offered the lead in a movie, which would catapult her career and make her one of the most acclaimed and beautiful silent movie stars of Western Europe.
MAMA starring in a movie with Lionel Barrymore, not getting along with him and chastising him in her native tongue while filming a love scene.
MAMA  supporting her siblings and putting them through school.
MAMA  meeting my father and retiring from films to be a wife and stepmother.
MAMA taking care of me, making sculptures from butter and cutting out intricate designs from potatoes, that she would fry to satisfy the whims of a spoiled daughter.
MAMA bidding good-bye to my father, not knowing that she will never see him or her stepson again.
MAMA going to work as an interpreter during daytime air raids and trying to cheer us up in the bunker during nightly air raids.
MAMA fleeing Berlin with us, working in a soup kitchen in a refugee camp.
MAMA immigrating to the USA and working for a prominent family who loved and respected her.
MAMA embracing my husband at our wedding as the son she never had.
MAMA working in a factory, then retiring to take care of her mother.
MAMA dying in her sister's arms, losing her battle with cancer.

--Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff


© 2003 by Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff
Published June 21, 2003 by Gilda Tabarez.
All rights reserved.