A poem for

Please, Mama, Hold My Hand
by Linda Parker

Please, mama, come and hold my hand 
and see the things I've found:
the butterfly, the kittens, 
the first snowfall on the ground. 
Please, mama, hold my hand 
As we walk to my brand new school. 
Please pat my head, and bind 
my wounds, as I sob upon this stool. 
Please, mama, take my hand and 
help me learn from right and wrong. 
Please, mama, let me hold your hand;
for you are big and strong. 

The world has tumbled down today;
my mind is feeling blue. 
The one I put my trust in 
has proven he's untrue. 
So put your arms around me, 
and help to make things right. 
Please, mama, hold my hand again;
help heal my heart tonight. 

As the world goes on the heart learns 
that it can love again. 
Proudly on my father's arm 
I met my lifelong friend. 
We worked to build a life together, 
a husband and a wife. 
And today you're standing by my side 
to welcome this new life. 
I need your strength and wisdom; 
you've walked this path before. 
Please, mama, take my hand and 
help me pass through life's new door.

I'm starting on a journey;
I'm going home tonight. 
My heart's no longer heavy, 
My eyes can see the light. 
I see your face so gentle;
I hear your voice so warm. 
There's papa there behind you! 
I'm reaching for his arm. 
My heart is filled with gladness.
My soul is full and light. 
Please, mama, hold my hand ---- 
I'm going home tonight! 

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© 2003 by Linda Parker
Published May 11, 2003
by Gilda Tabarez.
All rights reserved.