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When the greatest fire ravaged the earth
He went with the others from the land of his birth
They took on the job and put the fire out
That is what good men are all about

After that he drove a truck
And that is where he found his luck
He made good friends along the way
Always with some kind words to say

He also told a good story or two
And had way more jokes than me or you
He knew that we’re here to make others feel better
And he could even do that with just a letter

One of the greatest men ever known
He knew that seeds should be sown
Seeds of hope and laughter and love
And he knew that spirits dwell above

The seeds he planted were a help to others
And he knew us all as sisters and brothers
Or sons or daughters or as friends
Everyone he knew was kin to him

Now he is gone and missed very sadly
Leaving behind a wonderful family
But that family knows the love still grows
From the seeds that were planted long ago

And to this day still from the words he wrote
This man was definitely no ordinary bloke
From his beloved long life memories we will take
And love the man Elmer Henry Ake

~~~   Copyright © 2007 Steve Coates   ~~~