William M. Drew

William M. Drew, whose interest in films and literature began when he was eight years old, has been co-director and lecturer for numerous college film series, and editor and film reviewer for an entertainment quarterly. His articles on film history have appeared in various journals including Take One, American Classic Screen, and Movie Collector's World.  He is the author of Speaking of Silents: The First Ladies of the Screen (The Vestal Press, Ltd, 1989) and D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance": Its Genesis and Its Vision (McFarland, 1986). He has recently written a third book, The Lady in the Main Title: On the 20's and 30's. Mr. Drew holds a B.A. in English Literature, cum laude, and a M.A. in History, summa cum laude, from Santa Clara University.

Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen is pleased to present the following reviews by
William M. Drew:
"Yogoto no Yume (Nightly Dreams)--Mikio Naruse's Silent Masterpiece"
"The San Francisco Building That Made Film History"

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