When Battling Bill of the Bowery
Fell for Clara Bow


 Until I seen you, Kid, I'll say
    I never was a movie fan.
The ginks what got their sport that way
    Was nuts to me. When Lillian
Pulled Gishy stuff, I froze my face,
    I had no use for Mary's smile,
No goldilocks gave me a case...
    Soft molls like them was not my style.
Nor did I tumble for the vamps,
    From Theda Bara down the list
To all them slinky modern champs
    With twenty stunts for getting kissed.
I was a hard-boiled guy, that's all,
    Who liked to watch the ponies run,
Or Babe Ruth swatting at the ball,
    Film dames was not my sort of fun.

A Study of Clara Bow by Edwin Bower Hesser
An then--well, little Clara Bow,
    I'll not forget the sight I seen
For the first time a picture show
    With your feet jazzing on the screen.
I loved your cute map then and there.
    "Hello, old pal!" you seemed to cry,
Aw, Kid, you've got me hipped for fair,
    And I'm your fan until I die!
             -- Walter Haviland


"The Unknown Clara Bow"
Photo and poem courtesy of William Cramer
Uploaded February 24, 1998 by Gilda Tabarez at GTabarez@aol.com
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